When someone Googles your name, everything you’ve ever posted online will show up. Our brand audit carefully analyzes this content. If something has been posted that is not fit for the first page of the New York Times, we will edit it. Nothing will remain that is questionable. When the brand audit is complete, your online personal brand will be clean and ready to be built from the ground up.


Our goal is to discover your goals, core values, interests, passion, strengths and weaknesses. We will go through a series of exercises that will point us towards who you are as an individual and the meaning behind your authentic brand personality. When we are finished, we will have a breadth of knowledge to base our brand development on. This Is the exploratory step of our proprietary branding system.

Brand Development

Our goal is to develop your authentic personal brand. A personal brand is something you use to market yourself to others. It is a combination of your authentic image and reputation. How you present and conduct yourself daily forms the foundation for your brand. Online, your brand is working 24 hours a day; we are going to make sure it is communicating what you want. You will develop, a brand story, a brand motto and a brand focus for all of your social publishing and online communication.


Our goal is to develop the visible elements of your brand (such as color, design, logo, icon, font, tone, photography) that together identify and distinguish your brand in the mind of your audience. We will work with a professional photographer and a graphic artist to create each of the identity elements. When we are finished, you will have brand identity assets to use on your social media, blog and website.


Every action you take communicates your brand to your audience. Here we are going to focus on your online communication. When someone Googles your name, we are going to make sure they not only find you, but are completely and utterly impressed by you. We will do this through social media, a blog and a website that are all tied to your name.


Every status update, tweet, pin and gram that you make has the potential to show up on a google search. Therefore potential admissions counsellors or employers are likely to visit your social media networks. We will create a branded custom header, headshot, profile and picture card for each of your social media networks using your brand identity. We will help you to post content that is consistent with your passion or brand focus. These posts will be a mix of original and curated content.


You will position yourself as a thought leader through a highly targeted blog that focuses on your passion or brand focus. We will create this blog using your brand identity. Topics will be brainstormed and carefully planned using your brand focus as a consistent theme.


Your website is the first thing that will come up when someone Googles your name. It is your greatest asset. It will include your resume, testimonials, a photo gallery and a blog. Your website is the engine, your blog is the fuel. We will use your brand identity for every area of the site’s look, feel and tone. A prospective admissions counsellor or employer will find everything they need to know about you right here on your custom website. They will be completely and utterly impressed by you. This is the most important online communication vehicle for your authentic personal brand.

80% Brand Audit

85% Brand Development

95% Brand Identity

90% Brand Communication


We design authentic personal brands that rock your online presence.

We take an authentic approach to personal branding. Authentic Sociall’s team consists of senior talent who specialize in all facets of personal branding. From your personality and passion to your identity, blog, website and social media — your audience will either tune in or tune out. Our job is to create brand authenticity so that wherever your personal brand lives, it wins the hearts of your audience.


  • Amanda is brilliant in brand design; brilliant in marketing; brilliant in being able to take our deepest heart and broadest vision and forge it into a tangible, exciting, energetic and successful brand.

  • I worked closely with Amanda for 4 years. In addition to being one of the most creative marketers I have met, Amanda has one particular rare and invaluable skill. She can take a completely loose/abstract idea and work it into a finished, presentable product. Having worked with many marketing executives, I have not found anybody close to her ability in this area. Amanda is focussed, driven and completely results oriented.

  • Vision with extreme enthusiasm and determination. When Amanda believes in something, whether personal or in business, she has an uncanny ability to sell this vision because it comes from within her 100%. She is a passionate woman who works incredibly hard for what she desires in life and if you are truly part of her team, you will prosper not only in creativity and success but in a life long partnership.

    Amy Hanlon